Vertical Herb Garden


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Finally a space for me to nerd out about all my little design projects! Hopefully I'll keep them coming as I have a constant need to talk about how my space makes me feel. 

This project was really fun to work on. We've been thinking about a way to change the dull look of our white wall in the kitchen. We live in a old apartment building in San Francisco where built-in ironing board cabinets are still a thing (I know right?). Since we were not about to start ironing our shirts in the kitchen, we decided to remove the cabinet door as well as the built-in ironing board. We painted the back of the cabinet with a light lavender color, which we have used in other parts of our apartment. That move alone made a huge difference. I love painting and would probably be talking about how transformative that can be to any space in most of my posts. At this stage, this could've been used as an art space or shelving units. We decided, however, to turn it into a small herb garden!

After painting the space, we went to a local nursery to get some seeds and find some ideas! We found some cone-shaped ceramic pots that were made locally. We bought some of these, some grower pots that would fit in them as well as a variety of seeds. We went with Rosemary, Basil, Cilantro, Parsley, Purslane and Chives.  

After we got home, we shopped online for some flowerpot ring wall brackets to hold the pots, a grow light bar and a plug-in timer. The set up was easy. Within minutes, were able to get our vertical herb garden up and running!  The light bar we selected is energy efficient and has broad light spectrum for the plants. It is actually quite bright. We find the automatic switch a good investment. It ensures the light is on daily and when we are not likely to be in the kitchen. The Cilantro, Basil and Chives started to germinate within a week.